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Apextech Fiber Corp’s quality assurance program follows the measurement-based Six Sigma methodology. This means continuous improvement to eliminate “defects” in all products, operations, management, and customer service.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management Program includes dedicated Quality Assurance personnel who perform inspections and/or testing at each stage of the manufacturing process – from the time raw material enters the facility, to the time shipment is dispatched. We have a world class laboratory equipped to conduct ASTM and ISO polymer and plastic techniques. Our lab experts perform a wide range of testing including the analysis of physical properties, characterization, polymer process chemistry, composites, additives, impact modifiers, alloys and blends and many more. If our stringent standards are not evident, the batch is pulled from production.

All of Apextech Fiber Corp’s manufacturing facilities provide spacious work areas and natural light. The expandable modular designs are dust free and are maintained to 5S cleanliness standards.


Our custom-built, Italian engineered, non woven manufacturing equipment features:

  • full automation with programmable logic controller (PCL)
  • 2 extruders
  • multiple melt pumps in both extruders, 16 in total
  • four beams allowing different front and back colors
  • very precise grams per square metre control from 12 to 150 GSM
  • fabric widths up to 3.4 metres
  • excellent control over mixing of resins, additives, UV and color MB
  • excellent tensile, tear, puncture, bursting and other physical properties
  • custom made “Mechanical Flapper System”
  • harmonic balancing of fiber distribution at various angles at higher line speeds, improving tensile strength in machine direction and cross direction (1:1 ratio)
  • improved weight distribution in cross direction
  • superior uniform fiber placement even at a GSM as low as 12
  • excellent overall quality output

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5S Cleanliness Standards

5S Cleanliness Standards

Our expandable modular building design is dust free and is maintained to 5S cleanliness standards. The facilities provide spacious work areas and natural light.

World Class Laboratory

World Class Laboratory

Our testing includes:

  • analysis of physical properties
  • characterization
  • polymer process chemistry
  • composites
  • additives
  • impact modifiers
  • alloys and blends

Flapper Technology

Flapper Technology

Improved product appearance, tensile strength in both CD and MD, improved weight distribution in CD and due to increase speeds and system reliability; Apextech Fiber will be capable of ensuring consistently better product quality and delivery.

Where We Are Located

600C-1111 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3

Survey No. 209/3, Masat Industrial Estate, Village Masat, Samarwarni, Silvassa (D. & N. H.) 396 230.

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